JSPT Updates Since Last Release

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Enhanced Features in JSPT3.2:
  1. Joomla!1.7 Compatibility: If you are thinking to switch onto Joomla!1.7, You can easily switch with the use of JSPT features and its working.
  2. PayPlans Integration: Now, Integration of JSPT with subscription system is more secure. Profiletype will be assigned to user as per plan selection and accordingly JomSocial Registration form fields will be displayed. But, If user does not complete his subscription then JSPT again assign default profiletype to user. By this way, User can not access features which are only assigned for subscribed users. Check out integration video
  3. AEC Integration: Now, If user wants to select AEC Plan after registration then JSPT assign Default profiletype to user before plan selection and profiletype changed as per plan whenever user select AEC Plan.
  4. Images on WaterMark: JSPT has added an option to apply Image or Text as Watermark over members uploaded avatar.
  5. Daily Limit Feature: JSPT can apply restriction on Photos, Groups, Videos, Messages and Invite Friends on daily basis. It means, Admin can apply restriction on profiletype user as per day.
  6. Reduce Complexity: Reduce the complexity of JSPT Setup screen. Now, JSPT do all the essential settings like, enabling plugins, JS migration, File patching on one click.
  7. More ACL Rules for Group: ACL rules related to Group Restriction are added. Like, Restriction on Create discussion, Create Bulletin, Send email to Group Users, Invite Friends to join Group, Leave Group and many more.
  8. Improved Working of ACL Rules: Restriction on creating Groups and Events can be possible as per specific Category.
What Next is Coming in JSPT3.3:
Lot more features are in our road-map for JSPT 3.3. So keep eyes on coming JSPT blogs to get all the updates.
  1. Adding more ACL rules related to Events
  2. Integration with FUA ACL component
  3. Restriction on Joomla module as per Profiletype
Our target in JSPT3.3 is to add more and more features which will be useful to our customers. So wishlist is opened for our customer.
ScreenShots of Features:
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