JSPT 3.3 Stable is Out!!

Compatible with FaceBook: ConnectJomSocial users can use Facebook Connect for fast registration with the selection of JSPT ProfieTypes.
Configure Display Settings: You will get the controlling and configuring power of display settings according to ProfileTypes.Now, you can change JomSocial Profile page and Activity Stream display according to each ProfileType.
JSPT in Multiple Languages: JSPT reduce the burden of our customers by providing JSPT in multiple languages. Right now, JSPT is available in English , Portuguese (Brazilian) , Swedish (Sweden). We are also working to add the translation in Bulgarian (Bulgaria), German (Germany), Thai (Thailand) and many more...
Privacy Controlling on Module: JSPT invented a new module named as XiPT Conditional Module which control the display of all Joomla Modules as per Profile Types. This newly added feature will enhance the accessibility control for administration in very easy and better way. You will definitely like it.
More ACL Rules: You can apply more restrictions on the JomSocial Events according to user's ProfileTypes. You can restrict user to Create, Join, Delete and Access events. This is not finished here, Admin can restrict user according to events category also.
Fixed Conflicts with Other Plugins: We have fixed the issue on triggering the Joomla event "OnUserAfterSave". This fix also solved the conflict with other Plugins like RegisterActivity, miniBuddy.
Improved Documentation: Now, JomSocial ProfileTypes documentation is easy to understand. We use the most effective screen-shots for explaining the working and features of JSPT.
Improved Performance: JomSocial ProfileType is much more faster now. We use optimised queries for user sync up and getting JomSocial users. We also handle AJAX to display messages of ACL rules.
We hope that you are stirring for the new features.
So, Lets start to play with JSPT 3.3. We are awaiting for your suggestions, feedback and reviews.
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