JSPT 3.2: Stable Release

A glimpse over major feature additions :-
  1. Enhance Access Control Rules: Now you can create more ACL rules to restrict JS Group features. For example, Profiletype users can be restricted on creating group discussion, bulletins as well as sending mails to group members.
  2. Force user avatar: Admin can force profiletype users to upload avatar any time.
  3. Integration with PayPlans: Previously, JSPT was integrated only with AEC for paid subscription system. But now, JSPT is integrated with one more subscription system named as PayPlans. JSPT provide flexibility to choose your subscription system according to your requirement.
  4. JomSocial Toolbar display: JSPT added a new window for JS Toolbar selection. You can assign different JomSocial tabs according to Profiletype.
  5. Profiletype Selection: Completely new page is designed for profiletype selection at registration time. The selection page is more user friendly and looking better in display.
Except all these major features, JSPT release with many small bug fixes like sync-up issues, issues regarding reset all functionality, Privacy icon issues and most important, small fixes required for the compatibility with JS2.2.3.
We hope that you are excited about the new features. So spend a little time with JSPT and let us know how you find these changes. We are waiting for your suggestions, feedback and reviews. They always increase our confidence.
ScreenShots of Features:
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