JS Import Export Plugin: Feature List

Feature List:
  1. Joomla! 1.7 Compatibility : If you are thinking to switch onto Joomla!1.7, You can easily use JS Import Export plugin for transferring site Users contents.
  2. Exporting JS User Table : Now, You can export JomSocial User table with Joomla user table and JomSocial users fields values.
  3. Password Protection while Exporting Data : On Exporting data, You will get User's Password content in the encrypted form.
  4. Data Overwriting : If user is already exist in your site then you have a choice to overwrite the content of users or remain that as it is.
  5. Improved Performance : Performance of Import as well as Export is enhanced according to system configuration.
As per Customer's request, Feature's expansion comes in scenario. Now, We are continuously waiting for your response, it motivates us to bring something new and powerful through our products.
JS Import Export Beta is out now. So, Help us to make it Stable as soon as possible.
Screenshots of Plugin:
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