JoomlaXi User Search : Stable Release

  1. Keyword Search
  2. Range Search
  3. Proximity Search
  4. Force Search
  5. Privacy
  6. Email to Filtered Users
  7. List Management
  8. Multiple Templates
  9. Integration with JomSocial
Read more about the other improvements and update XiUS as early as Possible. As earlier versions wont be Supported for Long.

Migration from XiUS 2.0 to XiUS 2.5
  1. Uninstall older version of XiUS Component.
  2. Uninstall XiUS Module (XiUSSearchpanel and XiUSListing) and Plugin (XiUS System and XiUS Community).
  3. Install XiUS 2.5.xxx version.
  4. Re-Create all menu link related to XiUS.
Important Note :
  • There is changes in XiUS Configuration screen at back-end. Re-Check it's settings.
  • Proximity Configurations are moved to Information screen of Proximity.
Further Updates and Changes :
With the new release, we also got rid of all known bugs and also Introduced some changes to the XiUS. You can find more  information in the change-log file
  1. Improved Performance.
  2. Totally New User Interface.
  3. Many bugs have been identified and fixed, thanks to you all.
  4. Unit testing.
  5. Language File cleaned up efficiently to elevate compatibility with end users.
  6. Code cleaned up, Streamlined, Well Executed and tested.
  7. CSS restructured.
  8. Completely Revised Documentation.
  9. Improved Tool-tips and User Understandability.
  10. Improved Routing.
  11. Back-End configuration re-assembled.
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