JoomlaXi form : Alpha released

The JoomlaXi Forms helps you save time, generate momentum and boost your performance by managing the multitude of data posted in forms hosted on your site. Yes, you read it correctly JoomlaXi Forms manages the data posted in your forms. It's a data processing tool not to be confused with a form management tool.

After we released our beta 0.8 version on 4th of January 2013. Many of our friends were considering it as a form dealing software. Instead JoomlaXi forms improved life for those who function over more that single sites trying to manage the form data posted separately on all of their sites, likewise in the contact us form which is generally available in sites.

JoomlaXi Forms allow you manipulation access to the sprinkled information in the forms mapping all the sites under your command, that too from the ease of a single control point. Meaning, you can create forms anywhere you want and manage all of them on a single website where this extension is installed.

The picture below shows a screen where you can select an existing form from any of your site to act upon its entered data.

The next screen is demonstrating few of the Actions that you can perform with the acquired data such as you will have the freedom to create a task list in 'Asana' as per the details submitted in the form or you may even 'mail' and save the details in your 'dropbox' account automatically.

Such is the power of The JoomlaXi Forms. All you will need, is to know what to do with the information entered by the site users over the internet and JoomlaXi Forms will do it for you.

Alpha 0.9 is free to Download !

Our next release will be beta, which is expected to be release within 2-3 weeks and meanwhile we will be adding more documentation for your help.

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