JomSocial Profile Types 3.0 : Beta Release

Lets take a quick glance at what are the major User-Interface changes.

Control Panel
  1. Compiled and only useful information is Available now.
  2. Allowing simplicity to access things.
  3. Now you can view all Change logs, Version Details, Jspt Updates ,JoomlaXi News at one place.
Setup Checklist
  1. Simplified
  2. Unhook is Introduced
  1. Simplified, Less Complex
  2. Advanced Settings Hidden
Advanced Settings Panel(Opened up)
Profile Types
  1. User Interface improved
  2. Information Organized into Panel and further into Pane.
Access Control Rules
  1. Simplified, Complexity Reduced
  2. Organized into Groups- Events/Groups/Albums/Videos
  3. Well-Descriptive Explanation of Each Rule
Profile Fields
  1. Simplified
  2. Introduced - Apply these settings for multiple Fields together.
  1. Simplified
  2. Introduced - Apply these settings for multiple Applications together.
Important Note :
  1. All existing JSPT 2.2 subscribers are eligible to access JSPT 3.0, without any purchase.
  2. Estimated stable release date is Mid November, 2010.
  3. The Beta Release should not be installed on live site in any case. If so, No support will be provided. Until stable release is announced.
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