JomSocial Profile Type (JSPT): A Joomla Musketeer

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Why we started with our first project ?

Back in 2008 I (Shyam) was starting to get captivated by the freedom the Open Source provides. I got aware of the Joomla and still today I am in love with the community feel of Joomla or as I visualize it as a big family looking after each other. I started it as a trial trying to customize JomSocial for one of my hobby project. Then I amateurly blogged out of enthusiasm, on my first experience for levels of customizations that one can achieve in it, one of the visitor to my blog felt in need of my customization knowledge and asked me for this feature. I worked it out for him and soon, many others followed the suit demanding the custom work. It was then that I felt "it's required by all". With this urge, I developed my custom work into a component, refined and tweaked it and started trading it under the name of JomSocial Profile Type in short JSPT.

What Challenges our team faced ?

We started out as a team of just three individuals. Out of which only I was quite aware of Joomla working and its cores. The most typical for us was to keep up with the professional team of JomSocial as well as Joomla. Sleepless nights and weary days were spent by us trying to keep a track of the functionalities ruled out by the JomSocial team and new ones adopted by them. So, that we may be able to provide the best error-free product to our user. Not only that Joomla was even optimizing itself time to time and giving us challenges in managing the core hacks. But, we somehow managed it and were able to complete the scheduled task in time.

Future Aspect of JSPT.

The evolution of JSPT has mainly been governed till now by four principal factors namely- 
  • Joomla versions
  • Jomsocial updates
  • Consumer Demand 
  • Time Constraints

With the stable release of screen responsive Joomla 3, team Jomsocial has decided moving a notch up with their arrival of JomSocial 3.0. I hope all are expecting many new features, so are we ☺. We have planned to restructure JSPT as per the new developments in JomSocial 3.0. Moreover we have marked this year as the User Interface improvement year. So, many beautiful and functional changes are imminent to arrive in JSPT. For which we will be deploying our time trusted RB Framework

It's just a hint of what you can expect from us with the advent of JomSocial 3.0. I will be detailing my developments point to point on all the JomSocial Addons in the future coming blogs. Till then just enjoy the 30% anniversary discount on JSPT by just clicking through the button below. 

Offer stands till 2nd May 2013 only.

Till then, Adios Amigo.
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