Color your PayPlans with mesmerizing Themes

Below is how PayPlans look with different colour themes on light templates :


payplans-themes-light templates

Now, a glance over these themes on dark templates :


In addition to these themes, horizontal and vertical layouts are also provided to let you arrange plans in the manner you want to display. This layout concept is just a start, you can overwrite any layout according to your templates and set up things as per your choice in PayPlans. Layouts and themes do not have any kind of dependencies on each other.

Here is the view of configuration page in order to set different themes and layout.


After vertical layout in above picture, now glance over horizontal layout.


These are some of the initiatives taken to make PayPlans more supportive for your site. Now we really want to know how you find PayPlans and its features. Any feedback regarding themes and layout or other than this will always be appreciable.

Note : Different colour themes are available only with Premium and Professional Plans. With Standard Plan, you will get only orange colour theme for light and dark templates. Layouts will be available with every plan.

Screenshots of PayPlans screens with Green colour theme

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